Mentor Is Ready

Mentor Is Ready For You…

Mentor Industrial Corridor

Ready To Build

Mentor has eleven industrial parks and over 3,200 acres zoned for manufacturing use. Available greenfield sites range from ½ acre to over 80 acres, in addition to a full range of facilities available for immediate occupancy.


Ready To Work

Mentor maintains a skilled and stable workforce. Our residents are more highly educated, enjoy a higher median income, and have a higher home ownership rate than both the US and Ohio average.

Mentor Public Schools are highly effective and nationally recognized. There are also a number of local technical training facilities dedicated to advanced manufacturing and engineering technology.


Ready To Innovate

The area is home to world class educational, research, and medical institutions including Case Western Reserve University, NASA Glenn Research Center, the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, and the Edison Biotechnology Center.


Ready To Support

Mentor offers a variety of attractive economic incentives that include tax abatement, tax credits, direct grants, infrastructure improvements and public financing.

We also provide direct staff assistance on import/export compliance, planning, finance and job training.

For Sale

Ready To Save

Mentor offers a fantastic quality of life as well as a low cost of living. You can conduct business in Mentor at a fraction of the cost of what you’d spend in New York or California.

Headlands Beach State Park - Mentor, Ohio

Ready to Experience

Mentor is a beachfront community that provides a great quality of life. We offer affordable housing, scenic natural beauty, diverse outdoor activities, outstanding recreational facilities, as well as robust shopping and dining options.

Regional attractions include a world class orchestra, museums, professional sports teams, and much more.